Mobile phones are one of the latest inventions of the 21st century. In this article I’ll explain ways to know a fake mobile phone.

Various models of mobile phones which includes Android, iphones,Java and symbian phones etc are being released everyday but unfortunately most of these phones are very costly while the cheap ones has a high risk of being fake.

Fake phones are usually cloned or copied version of other original phones, which are mostly sold as Second hand, Belgiun or London used phones.

Cloned phones are built with inferior materials,which includes the processor chips, screen and body parts.

And not only that ,cloned or fake mobile phones are mainly reprogrammed with a fake operating system (OS) which can never give us the full features of the original one.

Therefore highly advise that you should go for the popular trusted brands like Tecno,infinix, Gionee,Nokia etc when buying a new phone, and also make sure that you buys a new one with the pack still intact .

Using a fake mobile phone especially Android can be very irritating.

It always has limited features compared to the original ones, for example most fake phones doesn’t accept google play services which will limit you from using Google apps like Chrome, drive,play store etc.

It is for this reason that I have decided to give you these tips based on my experience and research which will help you easily detect a fake phone.

Quick ways to know a fake mobile phone(android, java,iPhone etc) before buying.

  1. Brand name errors.
  2. Mismatched imei information.
  3. Phone quickly heats up or hangs.
  4. software(OS) doesn’t match with the hardware.

1. brand name errors:.

When buying a new smartphone especially android, the first thing to check is the brand name, the brand name is the name of the phone’s manufacturer eg Tecno, infinix etc.

Check carefully for spelling errors, for example Infinix may be spelt as infinox or “infinis”, While Tecno may be spelt as “techno” in a fake phone. An incorrect spelling is a sign that the phone might be fake.

Secondly also check the Brand name on top of the touchscreen, check carefully for any kind of unusual design,check if the name was written in the same style as it is on other models, fake phone makers sometimes uses a thick film of another brand name to cover the original name on the touchscreen, therefore, touch and feel the brand name carefully on the touchscreen, original phones always has smooth written brand names which are embedded in the touchpad and can not be erased.

Thirdly ,make sure that the name on the touchscreen corresponds to the name on the pack or inside the battery holder. If it doesn’t correspond ,this is a sign that its fake.

Also check if the brand name on the touchscreen corresponds with the one inside the phone, at “about phone>>>model” in settings, if its model name is different from the brand name on its body, then it’s likely that the phone is fake.

2. Mismatched imei information:.

International mobile equipment identification (imei) is an identification system allocated to mobile phones, Laptops, Notebook computers etc.

It’s a series of numbers which identifies each unique electronic device just as we use ID cards to identify human beings. All the informations about a device is contained in its imei number.

Informations that can be obtained from a phone’s imei number are:.
  • Model: (your phone’s name)
  • Brand: ( eg Tecno,infinix etc)
  • RAM Capacity.
  • Os version.
  • Normal phone’s weight.
  • Supported networks.
  • Phone release date.
  • Battery capacity.
  • Sim card size.
  • Supported SD card capacity.
  • Chipset type.
  • CPU FREQUENCY:. (your phone’s processing speed).
  • Phone dimensions etc.

An easy way to identify a fake phone is by checking the informations in its imei ID,

Now let’s proceed to check the informations,

dial *#06# on your device(computer or phone) to view your device imei number. If your device displays two imei numbers(this usually happens for double sim devices), copy the first one or anyone of your choice,

Note:. Imei numbers are also found at back of the phone inside the battery holder but this one may not be authentic to your device for a cloned phone, that’s why you have to get it directly on your phone by dialing #06# .

If your phone doesn’t show the imei number after dialing the code, just know that its fake.

Now proceed to ,this is the website which will show you all informations about your device through the imei number you provided, At the search box there,quickly paste your phone’s imei number and click search.

Now it will display informations about your device with your device name on top like this(check image below)

Ways to know a fake mobile phone
Imei information

Now scroll down to check the informations, check the phone’s picture, brand name, the OS version etc and verify if it matches with the informations on your “About phone” in settings.

If your device is original, the informations you saw on should match the one the one on your phone, if it doesn’t , its likely that your phone was upgraded to a higher version (which is not normally good) or that its a fake.

If it doesn’t display anything, your phone is likely to be fake.

3.  Phone quickly heats up or hangs :.

Another quick way to check if your phone is fake or not is by using it to perform simple task like watching a movie,or just be scrolling up and down the menu in a short period of time ,let’s say 3 minutes, then check if it has heated up in this short period of time.

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If it has heated up, its likely to be fake, it simply means that the hardware components are not equal to the task or that the OS version is higher to operate in that hardware, so don’t buy such phones to avoid regrets, phone’s like that highly affects the battery life negatively.

4.  Software doesn’t match with the hardware:.

Software (operating system) is a major functional component of any device, its the soul of any computer system.

The Software controls all the hardware components. For example, you can ON your phone’s torchlight by simply tapping a software component in form of an icon on your phone’s screen instead of pressing a hard button, this is one of the works of the software.

But at times ,you may find out that some of these software components are missing in the phones default menu , for example you may see a phone which has a torchlight but has no software icon where you can click to ON it, you only have to download a torchlight app before you use it, in some other phone’s ,you can’t see some installed apps on the menu unless you installs a custom luncher. If this happens ,it’s a sign that its a fake mobile phone.

Secondly another way to confirm if your phone’s software (OS) is the original perfect one for your phone is to go to your phone’s settings>>About phone>>tap on the version thrice sharply, it should display your OS symbol, for example if your phone’s version is 5.1 it should display a Lollipop symbol. If it doesn’t display after many fast tappings ,its likely that your mobile phone is fake.

And also, if your phone hangs while using it especially for the first time , it means that its Os is not compatible with your phone or that it’s filled with junk apps,which is a sign that it’s fake.

Therefore cross check all the hardware components of any phone for it’s software match before attempting to buy. Also check for any malfunctioning hardware component .

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