The number of mobile phones users increases tremendously everyday due to the important benefits derived from mobile phones in our human society,

It is for this need that we should make our phone’s battery last longer  to enjoy these benefits anytime.

Among all these advantages of mobiles phones ,the internet remains one of the best benefits of mobile phones alongside Camera, video and music players etc.

All these can be fully enjoyed if you have a very good phone with lasting battery capacity.

unfortunately most of these mobile phones tends to develop battery problems after a short period of use, this sometimes are due to fake batteries but not all of them are due to fake batteries,

Even though there are still fake phones and batteries out there, most of these battery failures are due to our mismanagement of mobile phones.

That is why Its very advisable to go for the popular phone brands like TECNO, INFINIX , NOKIA, GIONEE etc when buying a new device because these companies already have a good reputation from its users of which I also testifies about,these brands has a better battery performance than other brands like Lenovo which has a very poor battery life,.

There are people who bought a good phone from one of the best brands yet they experiences these battery problems and thereby complains of a fake product, not knowing that he/she is the cause of the problem.

A normal battery in good health should be able to last at about 30mins standby at 1%.
There are people who used their phones for more than 5 years without any battery issue due to good maintenance.

Now let’s take a look at some of the things You can do to have Long lasting battery in other to enjoy your smartphone.

Top 6 Tips to make your phone’s battery last longer and boost phone performance.

1.  Stop using your phone while its charging :.

Using phones while its recharging is very common especially in places with inadequate public power supplies as people always needs their phones to be fully charged within the short period of power available.

Using your phone while its charging is very very bad as it condemns not only your battery but also your charger and can also pose health dangers to the user, you will discover after some time that your charger no longer charges fast and also your battery no longer lasts longer as before.

If you use your phone at the same time its charging, your battery will tend to be overburdened with the task of charging and discharging at the same time especially when you’re using a low power rated charger,

if this is continued for a long time ,you’ll discover that your battery no longer lasts up to an hour after full charging.
It tends to charge faster and also discharges faster, and also heats up in the process.
This is very bad, so for you to enjoy your full phone performance ,your battery should be well treated by not using it while it’s charging.

This is written as No.1 among these 6 tips just to tell you how important it is.

2.  Avoid playing multiple tasks(apps) at the same time :.

Apps are really entertaining and very useful in our phones but sometimes most of these apps tends to be dangerous to our phone especially the apps from unknown sources, they drains battery quickly especially with mobile data ON.

Data connection consumes a lot of energy from our phone and that’s why you will notice that your battery drains faster when data is ON, Apps that mostly drain our batteries are Games, Social apps, lunchers and cleaner apps,
now think of using these apps altogether ,that is; using two or more apps at the same time , this will strain the battery reducing its life duration and also lowers phones performance,.

This is also the major cause of phone hanging and overheating ,because all the running apps are controlled by the CPU thereby reducing its power.

some people turns ON many apps on their phone and will just minimize it and starts using another one ,this is wrong, close all apps(not minimize ) anytime you want to use a particular app, don’t use two or more apps at the same time like playing music while browsing, this will help boost your phone and battery performance.

Even when all apps may be closed ,some apps in our phone still runs on background by connecting unnecessarily to data networks without our notice, thereby draining the battery slowly even when you’re not using your phone.

So its advisable to disable the background data (this should be ON anytime you want to use play store) on our phone always except when the need arises.

To disable background data,
Go to settings, under wireless and networks,
click More>>>Data usage>>>options>>>restrict background data>>>click OK and ur done.

see image below for reference

Battery last longer
How to restrict background data

Note:. the image above varies in different devices.

disabling background data helps to minimize unauthorized power usage, thereby reducing CPU(central processing unit) and battery usage, which increases phone’s performance.

3.   Don’t charge your battery with universal direct chargers (desktop chargers) :.

Universal direct chargers “desktops” are helpful in cases where your phones charging port has a problem, but continued use of these chargers reduces your battery’s life.

battery last longer
Universal chagers

Most of these desktop chargers comes with either a higher or lower power ratings against the specified charger ratings fro our phone, for example some desktops has 7volts as voltage rating while the normal factory recommended charger is normally at 5volts, even if the voltage ratings are the same ,the current(mAH) and other ratings may not be the same ,this is not healthy for our batteries as it may charge faster but will also discharge faster and after some time will reduce the battery’s performance.

That is why phone manufacturers always writes boldly on the phone’s pack saying “Use specified charger only” ,but unfortunately many ignores this warning and uses any charger available, this is how your phone’s battery problems began.

So ,go get yourself the specified branded charger for your device if you still don’t have, for even though the recommended chargers may be slower in charging ,its always the best for your battery’s health because the charger’s power ratings was purely calculated for that particular device for optimum performance.
A charger for Tecno phones should not be used for Nokia phones.

4.   Limit the number of times you charge your phone with a power generator :.

The need to keep our devices ON always especially in regions with inadequate power supply led to the use of power plants/generators for charging our phones , this is not normally a healthy choice because the power generators generates a very high current which is why our chargers and device easily heats up when being charged on power plants.

Most power plants especially the one popularly known as “I pass my neighbour”(see image below) , has unmoderated power output which means that your charger and battery can easily be damaged by it.

A Power plant
A power plant (“I pass my neighbour”)

You may not notice the negative effects now until after a long of period of time and you discovers that your battery no longer lasts up to an hour after full charging.
Therefore Public power supply , solar chargers and power banks remains the best alternatives for charging your phone’s battery.

5.  Unplug your phone from the power source after fully charged.

Leaving your phone still connected to the power source after its fully charged is not really healthy for your phone’s battery as this will gradually reduce the ON duration of the battery.

Even though some modern mobile phones and chargers comes with an inbuilt charge regulator chip with auto stop technology which stops the charging when the battery is fully charged , we can not fully trust this component as there will still be some leakage currents to the battery and even if there isn’t, we may not know the charger or mobile phone with this feature.

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Therefore the best way to protect your battery is to remove it from the power source after fully its charged.

6.   Never use your phones at maximum brightness:.

Even though our mobile phones comes with maximum luminance feature, its not advisable to use your phones at the highest brightness level,this also applies to other home appliances in your home.
Using any gadget at its highest performance mode will tend to reduce its power after a long period of time .

So , For best battery optimization ,always reduce your phone brightness ,this will help your battery last longer.
But we may not always remember to reduce our phone’s brightness all the time,

so the best way to control your screen’s brightness is to activate “Auto” mode or Automatic brightness mode, this will automatically control your phone’s brightness by reducing or increasing the brightness for optimum display where its needed in each case.

Also use dark themes on your phone instead of bright white themes.
This will also protect our eyes from highly bright light which normally causes blurred vision and inability to see at all at night without light.

Finally if you carefully apply all these tips above, I believe that you will enjoy your phone for a very long time due to a lasting battery.

These tips are also applicable to laptops.

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