I recommended these top 3 best Antivirus softwares for Android, iOS and PC protection for you because most Antivirus softwares on the internet are just viruses and malware in disguise.

Sometimes you may download an antivirus app from unknown sources or ordinary websites with low trust ratings, and you will think you’ve gotten an antivirus, not knowing that its just another junk virus app.

Most of the viruses in our phones and PC today are due to malicious apps installed on our phones and PC,

Some Antivirus apps may pretend to be scanning your device while injecting more viruses to your device. That’s why you have to be very careful when downloading apps especially Antivirus apps.

Even though majority of viruses and malware attacks comes from sharing files with infected devices,CAMONTECH Strongly advise that you download apps from their parent sites.

Parent sites simply means the developer’s website, for example, if you want to download WhatsApp or Facebook app, go directly to WhatsApp or Facebook official websites.

Downloading apps from other non parent websites is what is known as download from “UNKNOWN SOURCES”.

That’s why smartphones especially Android , has an inbuilt feature that automatically warns you when you trys to install apps from unknown sources.

Downloading apps from playstore is also another safe way of preventing viruses from infecting your phone.

Even though all Playstore apps are pre scanned by Google systems before its uploaded, Playstore can’t still give you 100% security guarantee, that’s why you still needs to install any of these 3 best Antivirus softwares on your device or any other trusted Antivirus software of your choice.

But remember, Playstore remains the best trusted app store when compared to other app sources. So ,always download your apps from playstore or Appstore for iOs.

Below are the Top 3 best Antivirus softwares recommended for Android, PC, iOS and Mac systems.

  1. Bitdefender Total security:.

Best Antivirus software for phones and PC
Bitdefender homepage

Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus software or apps producer with “A grades” in the industry.

Their products are always the best.

They have won many awards from 2015 as the best antivirus vendor worldwide.

Best Antivirus software
Bitdefender awards

They have antivirus for all device’s operating systems including PC,Android, Mac, iOS etc.

Their antivirus services includes but not limited to:.

  • Virus detection and protection.
  • File sharing protection.
  • Ransomware protection.
  • full online threat protection.
  • Child protection feature.
  • Webcam protection. Etc.

Their antivirus products are mainly premium versions which you pay to get, only a few are free.

As you know, premium versions are always the best, but if you don’t have money , you can download their free 30days trial Android antivirus app directly on Bitdefender website.

3 Best Antivirus software
Android play store app

Or download through
Play store

You can also find the premium versions on their website Or you can view most of Bitdefender’s products including free and paid products from here.

From bitdefender’s website, you can also download the free 30 days trial antivirus softwares for PC,MAC and iOS.

With bitdender security on your device ,you’re fully secured from viruses ,malware and any other kind of threat .

  1.  Norton Antivirus security:

Norton is also among the top 10 AntiVirus software producers worldwide, their software are also very reliable like that of bitdefender .

Best Antivirus Apps
Norton Antivirus

Their services encompasses both internet browsing security and device system and storage protection.

They have been in service Since early 1990s. Their antivirus softwares has been used by millions of people worldwide.

Their products are mainly premium versions for PC,Mac, and iOS.

Best Antivirus software
Norton 360

NORTON 360 is one of their best premium antivirus for PC and Mac.

Best Antivirus software for PC
Norton 360 features

They also have free Android security app with

  • Anti-spyware.
  • Anti-ransonware.
  • Full-mobile security features. etc.

You can also download the Norton antivirus for Android directly on Playstore with 30days free trial.

Or search and download it on playstore if the link above doesn’t work.

  1. Kersperky Antivirus Security:.

Kersperky is another leading manufacturer in the Antivirus software industry.

Phones and PC Antivirus
Kersperky Antivirus

They have won multiple awards in the industry due to reliable security services.

They mainly focuses on internet and cyber protection from fraudulent websites.

So, with kersperky Antivirus on your device, you don’t have to worry about online threats.

They also protects your device storage from spyware, ransonware and other threats.

Their products ranges from premium and free trials versions usually 30 days free trials.

They have antivirus products for both PC and Mac .

But you can also download kersperky antivirus App for Android directly from Playstore with 30 days free trial.

There are also many other antivirus security softwares out there but these three mentioned above are highly recommended by CAMONTECH.COM due to their reliability in service.

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Their services are mainly premium versions (money payment) because naturally, best things are not always free. Their free trials is to help you discover how reliable the products are.

Please note: To enjoy the full service and protection of these softwares, I advise you to get their premium versions.

Install an Antivirus software today on your phone or PC, don’t wait till you’re a victim, prevention is better than Cure.


Mobile phone users should endeavor to scan their phones with an antivirus through PC because most antivirus doesn’t work fully on virus infected smartphones.

But, if your phone currently doesn’t show any sign of virus attack, an antivirus installed on your phone could be helpful in securing you from incoming threats.

Viruses like spyware is very difficult to detect and delete on Mobile phones, you have to use a PC to scan your phone especially the SD card.

I personally experienced this virus attack(spyware) on my smartphone, ads keeps popping up on my main screen,even when data is off.

I installed almost three antivirus apps(free versions) for mobile phones but none could detect and remove the virus.

I now Downloaded the premium version of bitdefender antivirus above on my PC,

I scanned my phone with it and behold it detected all the spyware and other viruses on my phone that I didn’t believe were there.

I deleted the viruses and that’s how my phone was recovered. You can also check No.10 of signs of virus attack to see the alternative of manually removing viruses

So, scan your phone with a PC premium antivirus and be sure of a healthy phone, you can go to any computer business centre and scan your phone if you don’t have PC.

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